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17 · argentinian · eng/esp

My favorite... ✦

Videogame: Sonic Adventure 2
Movie: The Matrix (1999)
Band: a-ha
Color: Blue
Animal: Cats, foxes, pidgeons...
Season: Autumn

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Tumblr: flixleoz
Spacehey: qttu
Discord: Please ask!

So Hard - Pet Shop Boys

about the webmaster...

a little bit about me...
— Hellloooo! My name's Leonel, though everyone calls me Leo, and I'm the webmaster of this site.
So let's go over the basics: I'm a 17 year old argentinian autistic guy with a huge passion for anything tech related. Huge fucking nerd, by the way. My biggest hobbies are coding, drawing and playing videogames, although I'm not very good at any of them.
In terms of personality I'm not quite sure what to say... People often describe me as reserved and quiet, maybe even dry or monotone, but I can be cool if we're close. I think. Okay, not really.

✦ A thing about me is that I've felt a huge connection to computers and other technological devices all my life. Ever since I started playing Club Penguin all day on my mom's laptop when I was five, probably. Being an undiagnosed autistic kid, my blunt answers, my overall seriousness and my obsession with perfection or acurracy came off as weird to my classmates, so I often got compared to a computer or calculator; but I wasn't really offended by it. Instead it's something I've kind of "reclaimed", in a way. These experiences lead me to have some sort of connection or affection for computers and technology all my life ^_^

✦ other questions

how did you get into coding?
i´ve been coding for a little over a year now! it all started when i joined a retro website called spacehey, a recreation of the original myspace website. i already had some previous HTML knowledge but i didnt really get into it until i decided to code my own spacehey profile from scratch. it motivated me to start coding a personal website and well. here we are!

what do you use to make your website?
this code is all written in Notepad++! really good code editor :) besides that, this website is currently being tested in a 1024x768 monitor (yeah that´s a really old monitor) on a windows PC running google chrome . you might need to adjust your zoom configuration to view my site properly, sorry!

favorite characters ✧

Shadow The Hedgehog - Sonic The Hedgehog franchise Silver The Hedgehog - Sonic The Hedgehog franchise Giorno Giovanna - JoJo´s Bizarre Adventure Trish Una - JoJo´s Bizarre Adventure Miles Edgeworth - Ace Attorney Herbert West - Re-animator Ash Williams - Evil Dead Marty McFly - Back to the Future Edgar - Electric Dreams (1984) Trucy Wright - Ace Attorney Gabriel Medina - Los Simuladores Audrey Horne - Twin Peaks

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Film & T.V ☆

videogame consoles
– console hacking
– 2000s and 80s aesthetics
– classic arcade games
– astronomy, physics, math
– internet culture
– lost media
– malware
– retro technology
– videogame-related
urban legends
(see: Polybius)
– fall out boy
– depeche mode
duran duran
– electronic
– information society
– kraftwerk
– linear movement
– my chemical romance
new order
– oingo boingo

– old panic! at the disco
–orchestral manoeuvers in the dark
pet shop boys
– soda stereo
– sting
– strawberry switchblade
– talking heads
– tears for fears
– the cab
– the B-52s
– the police
– the smiths
– virus
– wham!
ace attorney
– animal crossing
club penguin
– jet set radio
– mario galaxy
– mario kart
– project diva / mirai
sonic the hedgehog
–stardew valley
– the legend of zelda

back to the future
– batman movies
braindead (dead alive)
– electric dreams (1984)

– ghostbusters
– gotham
jojo's bizarre adventure
– littlest pet shop (2012)
– scott pilgrim vs. the world
the fly (1986)
– the matrix