★ 19/6/24 : 21:25pm

no actual updates about my life tday but ace attorney investigations 2 is gettinfg an official english release and i cant stop thinking about the fact theyre calling sebastian debeste "eustace winner" WHO is that i am NOT calling him that

★ 14/6/24 : 22:59pm

i keep forgetting to actually write these :/ not entirely sure anything interesting has happened to me lately, though. today was pretty good - i switched seats only for today and talked a lot to a friend i usually cant speak to as much. she gave me some cookies. im starting to feel she feels bad for me because i dont really bring food to school and refuse to waste money on snacks ... i think ill have to be the one to bring some cookies next time.
i also watched Young Frankenstein (1974) with another friend today. it was very fun and the movie was awesome - she always picks the best ones LOL

★ 28/5/24 : 19:43pm

not much to say today, i think. mostly did school stuff like organizing group projects for next week and doing homework but besides that, nothing really interesting happened. i also just woke up - i took a 5 hour nap today. its nice to be more socially active these past few months but god it is exhausting. i need to have these way too long naps at least once or twice a week or ill collapse. anyway, i want to work more on the site but i also have to focus in school and well. whats coming after. im not very excited to be completely honest

★ 27/5/24 : 14:45pm

i got my logic and methodology exam results today. was completely convinced i was failing it but got a 9/10. i unfortunately bet 10 pesos i wouldn't pass the exam and now i owe a friend of mine

i also made some pudding. wasnt personally a fan of it but my mom seemed to like it so whatever. baking is definitely not my thing so i think it turned out pretty good this time in comparison to previous puddings ive made

★ 26/5/24 : 02:34am

finishing this page up as i write this... enjoying a bit of orchestral manoeuvres in the dark and definitely making myself some coffee in a bit. currently thinking about what outfit to wear for school on monday... i like to pretend i dont care about stuff like that but i really do. not in a "i care a lot about my appreance" way its more in a "i really like expressing myself and i need to find an outfit that makes me feel like me" way. plus i like trying out different options i feel like im in an irl dressing up game. once heard someone say they give personalities or names to their different fits like if they were a different character everyday and i think thats SO cool thats what i strive for. i unfortunately always end up wearing the exact same pair of jeans and one of the 45 different pattern shirts i own

what is this . . . ?

hi and welcome to my microblog! this is a space where i type usually very short entries summarizing either my daily occurrences or random thoughts i get throughout the day. my intention is to update this as often as possible - maybe daily or weekly - but i cant promise much since my days tend to be quite uneventful and technology seems to despise me sometimes. these rambles will be shorter and not as relevant as my actual blog entries where i talk about generally more important life updates. the thing is, this space allows me to share moments of my day in a quicker manner without having to redact a proper entry and also will most likely prevent me from forgetting details that i tend to miss when writing a longer entry.